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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Abort a baby, save a polar bear

This morning on PBS radio, I was treated to the insane ravings of the leftist cukoos of the Cult of Global Warming. Correct me if I'm wrong here people, at one time, the whole earth was covered with ice, no? It all melted except for the poles, yes? So if the poles do melt it's just part of the normal process of melting that is going to happen anyway. It will take some giant human intervention to stop the eventual melting of the polar ice caps. We will have to make some kind of giant freezers or somehow block the sun, in order to stop the warming of the poles. These devotees of the Cult of Global Warming are telling us to limit births and turn off lights when we leave a room and to wear socks and sweatshirts in our houses instead of turning on our heaters. What ever happened to reproductive choice, anyway? Keep your hands off my body, you crazy left wing eco-lunatics.


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