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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Global warming is verifiably untrue, I have documentation

That would be my gas bill. (My gas bill is separate from my electric bill) It has been about 25 dollars higher per month. That is nearly twice as high. It has been a long cold winter. Last night I walked home from the bus stop through a hail storm. Pelted with hail stones on my leaking umbrella, I was wishing that the so-called catastophe called "global warming" was actually true. If it gets any colder I won't be able to afford my utility bills.

Last summer was so cold I never had to turn on my ceiling fans. Those babies are caked with the dust of disuse. The expected Indian summer we usually have, whereupon the hot weather lasts into late October, just did not materialize. I lived through a major drought here in California in the 1970's. I remember what it was like when the rains never came.

Ultimately I am going to believe the evidence of my own eyes, and goose bumps, over the so-called evidence of experts. To my mind reality trumps theoretical, computer model, future projection evidence, any old day!

I just watched the gorgeous PBS program, Nature, filmed in the Andes. Andean, and other, volcanos are spewing tons of sulfer dioxide into the atmosphere. Some scientists claim Volcanos cause both global warming, (from the Co2) and global cooling. (from the ash clouds shading and reflecting) The fact is that on this earth, we have weather. Variable and unpredicable. Always have and we always will.


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