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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

When Nancy Pelosi gets back,

they need to arrest her, try her for treason, then hang her. After all, she is engaged in "dialogue" with a government who regularly murders their own opposition. Obviously, she sanctions their methods.


At 12:36 PM , Anonymous jack said...

If she went over and held "direct talks" with members of certain groups ... a case could be made for treason.

That's far fetched that this would ever materialize ... but if was a republican doing this ... his head would be on the block!

At 1:02 PM , Blogger gary said...

Since she is leading a bipartisan delegation should they hang the Republicans too?

At 1:23 PM , Anonymous jack said...

If they buy Hamas, Hezballah or MB lunch ... ya fucking aye!

At 5:23 PM , Blogger Graneee Sezz said...



At 8:44 PM , Blogger N. said...

Hey Nancy, whatever happened to the minimun wage bill? Oh yeah, that's right. The donkeys don't have enough votes to pass any legislation, all they can do is grandstand in front of the cameras while in enemy territory and actively work to undermine the US at every chance they get. Bravo, Madam Speaker. Bravo!

At 9:48 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

Well, ya'know she's gotta' do sumptin' ta git thems Code Pink Squatters offa her property, and this is tha best ideer she could come up wit'. Any o'you out thar takin' bets that she gets abducted by sum of dem peace luvin' muzlims?
Jus' lemme' know!

Here on Satan's Soul Farm we grind up the finest Liberal stock for our fertilizer!


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