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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Feed the " marine mammal experts" to the orcas!

"A team of marine mammal experts today will try using new underwater noise -- of attacking killer whales and humpback whales from Monterey Bay -- in the latest attempt to coax two lost humpback whales back to sea."

"Boats Filled with Experts Shadow Whales in Delta"

The proper term is not to "coax, but to "threaten" or "terrify". For the last week, a variety of developmentally disabled employees of wildlife agencies have been tormenting and assaulting a mother whale and her calf who have been injured and have swum up a river delta. The "experts" have been making an unholy din by banging on pipes and playing whale sounds in order to drive the whales back into the ocean. The whales have refused to do what the "experts" want them to do. A co-worker suggested to me that the whale swam up the river because she and her baby are wounded and she knew there were no sharks there. The idea of further tormenting these poor whales by playing the recorded sounds of attacking orcas is unbelievably horrific. What in the hell are these jackasses thinking? Anyway how do they know that these whales are lost? It's an assumption. Aren't these people the ones that are always telling us that whales and dolphins are highly intelligent? If the whales wish to swim up the river and die, let them. Humans always think they should be doing "something" even if it's "anything." They have to interfere, get their hands in the pie. Man is really irritating that way.


At 1:24 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

I saw a couple, well, more than a couple, maybe five or six crows attack and seriously injure another crow. This was on my property. What was I supposed to do? Go out and rescue the crow and nurse it back to health? For all I know maybe there was good reason for the attack. In any case it was nature taking its course. Not the same case as this whale business, but is it our business to interfere? Leave the critters alone, I say.

At 10:46 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

You devil ric, that could happen to us. Bloggers are weird misfits. If we were crows, we would be mobbed! natue taking its course indeed Actually, you are spot on Ric! You did the right thing by not interfering, sad though the situation was.


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