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Friday, June 01, 2007

Leftards just don't get irony, it must be a brain thing

Listening to an interview with the founder of the band Ozomatli on NPR was very amusing. He went on and on about his, and his band mates', dedication to social causes and the anti-war movement. He talked about a song he had written from the viewpoint of a soldier in Iraq ( a viewpoint which I take leave to doubt that he knows one wit about, by the by).
Then the interviewer asked where the band's name derived from and the less than bright young man replied, "It's an Aztec name." At which point I began to laugh uncontrollably. As if, oh my God, the Aztecs were not the most deliciously warlike people ever!


At 8:24 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Factually acurate historical remembrance means nothing to libs. I lived near a rez, was forunate enough to be one of the few paleskins invited to play their game on their home turf and have nothing but affection and admiration for their culture and history (specifically the Iroquois, the rest were a bunch of heathens) but unlike libs who romanticize most everything it seems besides patriotism I dont look at injuns as weeping teary eyed enviromentalists, quite the opposite actually.

The left is so full of shit so they must base their hero worshipping on lies to justify their own distorted perspective.

At 7:50 AM , Blogger ricpic said...

Well, they are ferociously anti-war.

At 9:41 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Especially the Iroquois, a tribe who turned torture into a fine art!

Ricpic you are correct, in that the left is ferocious and warlike but they just can't see it in themselves.Everyone likes to think their cause is worth fighting for, it's only human nature.


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