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Friday, April 11, 2008

The current rash of freeway shootings are not road rage incidents

These shooters are having fun. When you shoot at a man who is driving with his young sons, you must know that if you shoot him in the head he will crash his car and possibly his kids will die too. Hardly a fitting punishment for someone who cut you off in traffic.

There is a lot of road rage, but these incidents are not happening because of so called road rage, they are happening because some men very much enjoy murdering others.

It is just too difficult for the liberal media to accept the truth about human nature, despite thousands of years of recorded history that proves that some humans will always love killing other humans.


At 3:46 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Drug related? Mexican gang "culture?" Yute kicks?

Whatever it is this simply didn't happen in mid 20th century America. Yes, there have always been psychopaths but this, this ahuman (not inhuman, ahuman, affectless) behavior? Very very rare in the past. But hey, celebrate diversity!

At 4:03 PM , Blogger staghounds said...

Nonsense, it's very human and that's Miss C's point. The homicide rate per 100,000 in 2005 was 5.6, in 1950 it was 4.6. It ballooned into the 8s and 9s in the 1970s-80s, as it did in the 1920s-30s.

When people turn out to be dedicated teachers, wonderful artists, brilliant engineers, or clever builders, we don't act surprised, wonder what went wrong, or create a psychological disorder to explain them. We just accept.

It's just the other rim of the bell curve. If we have people who enjoy helping the sick, why shouldn't there be some who get a thrill from hurting others?

The longer I am associated with criminals, the more I understand that some people are just made that way. Like honesty- some people won't tell a lie. Some will if they see it as useful. And some people would rather climb a tree to tell a lie than stand on the ground and be honest.

At 11:46 PM , Blogger Kijar said...

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At 6:28 AM , Anonymous strudel said...

Ho'k Mimi. No sense of humor. You must be one of those lardassed neocons who needs some serious tubesteak


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