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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interesting post on Qu'ran Bible blog which proves that Islamists are in bed with the KKK

"The holocaust needs very deep detailed research because Ahmedinejad Mel Gibson David Duke all have doubts that there were 5.1 to 6 millions Jews were killed during WWII and their doubts must be based on some facts. I never looked at holocaust figures because don’t have time and resources to go into detail research. I did always accepted the Jews figures of holocaust victims but just looking at some data it look to me that holocaust figures were exaggerated to gain Britain and US sympathies which they used for the creation of Israel."

So, Ahmadinejad and Mel Gibson and David Duke are the experts. I never knew. Also, I am very astonished to find out that there has never been any very deep detailed research on the holocaust. I thought my mom was the world's foremost expert on the subject and felt sure that I had engaged in deep research on it, do to the coffee table books my mom left lying around. Klaus Barbie, Butcher of Lyon and other tomes. Little did I know, my own mom was trying to brainwash me into supporting Israel.


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