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Monday, February 20, 2006

How'd ya like to be married to the evil Italian ice dancer?

Whoooaaaa, what a bitch Barbara Fusar Poli is. Oh my gawd, she was giving her poor partner Maurizio Magaglio the stink eye after their fall. I am sorry, it's partner skating, if one of you is at fault you are both at fault. What a nasty and unprofessional skater Ms Fusar Poli is. She is just lucky she didn't get dropped as hard as the poor little Canadian ice dancer did. Now the Canadian woman had a right to be a little put out with her partner, he kept spinning her when he knew he didn't have a good hold on her, it made me sick to my stomach. The Italians are really awful skaters anyway. Way too overdramatic and Ms Fusar Poli is unfortunate in her looks and long in the tooth as well, unlike our beautiful ice dancers, the gorgeous ex-Canadian, now American, Tanith Belbin and her partner, Ben Agosto, who are both beautiful beyond belief. Ms Belbin may not have the extension and ballet trained perfection of the Russian skaters, but she has a charming, slightly gawky, coltish grace that has a charm all it's own. Mr Agosto is just plain sexy and he can actually skate, unlike the men in the Canadian and Italian teams who huff and puff and skate backwards a lot, while their partners do all the hard footwork. The Russians and Eastern Europeans are all great skaters, but very hard looking. they all look like old panthers that have been in a cage too long at the zoo.
As for the Speed skating hubbub, all I can say is that Shani Davis sounds just like Dave Chappelle does when he imitates White people. Shani is a beautiful speed skater, who is a joy to watch when he is skating. That is what really counts, he may not have the public speaking skills he needs to win over the press, but that is his mother's fault. He does his job and that is to skate well.


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