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Friday, November 24, 2006

Joshua Landes, another total freak to add to the "Arabist" Middle Eastern Studies creep club!

I saw Mr Landes for the first time on the News Hour, having the nerve to debate and disagree with Hisham Melham about the situation in Lebanon. Hisham's opinion is that Syria and Iran want to turn Lebanon into a Tehran by the Mediterranean. Hisham's opinion is backed up by the actual murders of his journalist colleagues and his experience living in Lebanon. Joshua Landes' opinion is backed up by the fact he is married to a hot Arab chick and his son's middle name is Shaaban. Oh I forgot, living in Oklahoma has no doubt given him extensive experience in Middle Eastern affairs.

Joshua Landes has a stutter. He grimaces and shows all the tendons in his neck a full 10 seconds before he can spit out one forced word. Yuck, he is a freakaziod the likes of Juan Cole and Stephen Zunes, Its no wonder these guys hate their own culture, they probably were beaten up a lot and rejected by girls. So what to do, become enamored of a male dominated culture where no girls would dare to make fun of your twitches or stuttering.

Actually someone with Tourette's would never get on TV in a Muslim culture. My Palestinian friend's mother has a friend with a daughter who has cerebral palsy. When they come to visit, they put the girl in a dark room, alone so her noises don't disturb them. My friend got very upset one time and told them that they couldn't do such a thing, that it wasn't right. His mother started yelling at him not to insult her friends. They don't have much sympathy or understanding for the handicapped in Muslim countries. They think it's a curse from Allah. Landes and Zunes would be kept from irritating us with their grunting and spasming if we lived in an islamic country. As for Juan Cole, the Taliban would shoot his ass for not being able to grow a decent beard.

It's also ridiculous that both Stephen Zunes and Joshua Landes are members of "Peace Study" groups. They are both enamored of a culture that is as warlike and militaristic as it is possible to be. They are devoted to a culture that has turned down the chance for peace at every opportunity. The average Arab Joe can whip up a bomb, lynch a contractor or assassinate a politician at the drop of a hat. it seems to me that the left is in fact forcing its peace loving values on an unwilling Muslim populace.


At 2:58 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought everyone was conservative in Oklahoma!

At 3:03 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Well i guess this Landes guy is very very conservative as he supports the Islamic fundamentalists!

At 5:53 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey miss carnivorous I think your really brilliant. I love your zinger about Joshua Landes saying his really hot arab wife gave him his ideas.

I want to write a term paper for my junior high school but my teacher says I can't quote you unless I have "a source for the Landes quote". Can you put it up on your realy neat and brilliant blog thanks.


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