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Thursday, November 09, 2006

My Estonian friend and the Islamists are right!

The American people haven't the stomach, or the balls, to fight and win a war. Spoiled, soft and feminized, Americans have lost the initiative to fight the good fight. We believe in nothing and stand for nothing. We should have bombed Iran and North Korea, invaded Sudan and Nigeria and slaughtered the murderous Sunni insurgents in Iraq by now, en masse. Rats get fat while good men die and all that.

Fuck em all, I do not apologise for anything. So a couple of Republicans turned out to be fruits and a few of them tried to get rich by their political connections. So what! Men will be men. Ask Clinton.

The world is a fucking cesspool of gloom and doom and my people(women) are virtual slaves in it, from the former Eastern Soviet countries to most of the Islamic countries, including France. There is no freedom of the press or expression in Europe any longer and cartoonish, commie punks are taking over Latin America.

American ex-presidents tell us in commercials that we should emulate Brazil. What irony. All the gains and progress that the people of the US have made in the last 200 years are dismissed as nothing and the spiffy driving habits of Brazilians held up as an example for the world's most advanced and prosperous nation to follow. It's good that Brazilians are burning cleaner fuel, so while they are trapped in tunnels by gangs of armed thieves and being relieved of their monies, they won't be asphyxiated by their own carbon monoxide fumes. The Western world is regressing faster than you can say Allah O'Akbar, but the third world's got it goin' on!

The left in America and Europe are worried about a few gays feeling sad because they can't get married and that someone with terminal cancer will die later rather than sooner. Boo fucking hoo. If Armaggeddon came today, it couldn't happen to a worse bunch of people.


At 12:26 PM , Anonymous jack said...

Islam will solve all this ... all we need to do is bend over!

And I blame that Slick Willy/Monica thing on the all meat pizza.

They get me excited everytime!

I'm watching a gracious George Allen conceeding that last nail in the cofin right now.

At 2:23 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Well, Pizza is very erotic! Islam is the answer. At least the islamists celebrate the warrior culture! For millenia, women have been attracted to warriors. Only in America and France are the likes of Bhuddist pacifists considered hot.

At 7:00 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

American ex-presidents tell us in commercials that we should emulate Brazil.

When they spoke about Brazil, well, they meant... you know... sexy and nude women always ready to f*ck and an annual carnival where old ugly gays of all over the globe can f*ck (or be fucked by) cute Brazilians, lady.

At 11:03 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:47 PM , Blogger Donkeyhue said...

You are wrong C. Americans do have the stomach for sacrifice, just not all of them.

The good thing about being people like us is, election aside we are right and they are wrong we are strong and they are weak.

If another civil war erupted tommorow we'd have every liberal in Alaska within a week working the new and improved pipeline.

Fuck them, they dont define my Country.


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