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Friday, January 12, 2007

It's not American "children" who are dying in Iraq!

I am sick and tired of the media trotting out the grieving mothers of these young men who are being killed in Iraq to parade their grief for all to see. Of course they are grieving, but they are grieving not because of a policy decided by our government but of a decision made by their own sons. A decision they did not happen to agree with. But it is not their right to second guess the decision of a competent adult. These young men who are dying are not children, yet the media continues to call them so, to serve their own antiwar purposes.

The continual refrain is that these young men had, for their entire lives, wished to join the Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines. They were, without exception, terrifically proud to have graduated from basic training. Proud to wear their uniforms and proud to "serve their country." These young men had trained to kill other people and engage in combat. What on earth did the mothers of those young men think was the intention of their sons? Men have always gone to battle. Men have always died in war. The only "children" dying in this war are Iraqi children.

There is no draft, I repeat, there is no draft. It is not up to the mothers or fathers of these young men to determine the fate of their children no matter how much they wish it so. Posthumously trying to change the decision their sons made to go to war, is a gross insult to their sons' memories. It is against all their sons stood for. They need to accept their sons' decisions for what they were.


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