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Friday, January 12, 2007

The only Jews that steal babies eyes are the ones in the Democratic Party

They steal the eyes, lips, noses, brains and spines of embryos...... Bite they little heads off, nibble on they tiny feets!


At 11:22 AM , Blogger gary said...

Were Jews accused of stealing babies eyes? As for embryonic stem cells let me give you a hypothetical:

You are waking past a fertility clinic. You see that it is on fire. You hear a young child screaming. You rush in. You have a choice between saving the young child or a rack containing thousands of frozen embryos. Which do you save?

At 12:05 PM , Anonymous jack said...

A bird in the hand is worth a 1000 in the bush.

At 1:45 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Jack's right. But if given a choice, all those babies would be adopted by loving families. Enriching the US population greatly, protecting workers in their old age and ensuring the continuation of Western, liberal man. Before you even start, I gave a baby up for adoption 2 years ago. I will probably write a column about it soon. If more babies are born and adopted, we will have less need for fertility clinics. The people that need fertility clinics are not healthy organisms and were never meant to breed in the first place. Their lines should die out as nature intended.


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