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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Somali Author, Nurredin Farah blames Saudi Wahhabism for the ruin of his country

For years in Somalia Islam was practiced in the tolerant and laid back way Africans have of practicing foreign religions. Most Africans became converted to Islam willingly. Africans liked Islam because it meshed with a lot of their own traditional practices, female circumcision, polygamy. For hundreds of years Somalis practiced a benign form of Islam. Except for a period when African Islamic scholars began to want to enforce a more strict form of Islam on their own people, Africans were content to practice it in accordance with mixed tradition. More recently, Somalis began to go to Saudi Arabia to seek work. In the mosques in Saudi Arabia they were converted to Wahhabism. They took this fanatical belief system back to Somalia like a virus and commenced to destroy Somali society.