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Monday, March 05, 2007

Insane liberal rant blaming the Bush administration for an abandoned newborn!

This creepy feminist lunatic, Trish Hooper, is always writing bizarre letters to the editors of various California newspapers. This one takes the cake though. Liberal Larry's satire on his Blame Bush website has nothing on the reality of the irrational hatred and unrealistic, "I want Bush to be everyone's baby daddy and solve all the world's problems while everyone wallows in stupidity, carnality and criminality and does what ever they damn well please" attitude leftists want to instill in the underclass. Bush is supposed to protect everyone from the consequences of their own behavior. In fact, behavior is not even recognized to have consequences by most on the left. They refuse to accept it. Unless the consequences are global warming.

Truth be told the underclass are not half as irrational as the leftists. The underclass knows that Bush is not their baby daddy. They know exactly who the daddies are, and they probably blame them, not Bush. It's all about personal responsibilty people. Some have it others don't. If those on the left are pissed because some people drive big cars or feed their kids trans fats, you'd think they could have a little indignation left over for people who leave babies to die. If someone put a puppy in bag and left it under a bush, the very same woman who penned this screed would be screaming blue murder. She'd still blame Bush though. What will the left do when Bush is not around to lay blame on any more? Here goes the dumb cow's rant.

A mother in despair abandons her baby

Editor -- "So, a 24-year-old woman, with two children already pulling at her life, found herself pregnant again ("Attempted murder charges filed in case of abandoned newborn," Feb. 25).
Had she ever been told about contraceptives? Did the man who impregnated her use a condom? Did he give an expletive that she carried his child and didn't want it and neither did she? Did this woman know about the sanctuary law that made it possible for her to leave her baby at a hospital or fire station? No, of course not.
That information isn't made public, not with this hypocritical administration. No, of course she didn't know. She went through her birthing alone, she packed up that baby alone, still with its umbilical cord attached. She put that baby carefully into a covering and left it alone under some bushes. Aching, bleeding and alone, she went back to the home where she had received an eviction notice, and probably wondered what would come next. Nothing good, that's for sure.
So, what are we doing about family planning, sex education, R&D in contraceptive research? Very little. Planned Parenthood tries and tries. But its funds are cut while abstinence-only programs, which have a zero effect on unwanted pregnancies, get the funds and women, such as the one in the latest story, will be charged with murder for having the baby she abandoned. That's pro-life.
Which is better? Contraceptives? A safe abortion, or an unwanted dumped baby and a young mother with no future? Where are our priorities? Who cares?"
Portola Valley

I have one suggestion. K through 12 teachers may want to start teaching kids the alphabet, so in the likely event they become pregnant at the ripe old age of 24, they can look up adoption services under the letter A. When they contact such services they will be given help and support. I gave up a baby for adoption 2 years ago. Although my pregnancy was unplanned, I never once thought of leaving my baby under a bush to die or be gnawed upon by rodents. As for the Bush administration preaching abstinence, Trish old girl, that's not for married women, that's for teens. As for the mother never having been told about contraceptives, what planet is she from? Sheesh!


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Wow. The donkey party has officially become a caricature of itself. Come back, George McGovern, all is forgiven!


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