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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Science is de debil!

Climatologist sounds like a profession specifically designed to study global warming. For all of our history it's pretty much been agreed that we can't do anything about mother nature's fury, except to gird our loins so to speak. Now you have a bunch of wacky scientists claiming that they need this grant for this climate study and this grant for that climate study. They would have you believe that they can control nature.

The left has a blind faith in science and it's contradictory and weird. Ted Kazynski's anti science on one end and the global warming devotees on the other. Science and technology are evil in one view and the God of another. Suddenly you want to save trees but you must trust scientists to help you do it.

The same people who are responsible for global environmental degradation have now fooled the sheep into believing that they are the saviors of mother earth. Both can not be possible. You can not simultaneously despise and love science. Science has been responsible for horrendous atrocities before. The Tuskegee experiment for example. Scientists are not moral, they can not be trusted. They are leading the gullible another merry dance in order to bilk you of your money.


At 1:21 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Climatologists are just ugly meteorologists.

Fuck the scientists. Theyre a bunch of frickin sheep themselves.

Theres a reason we celebrate the great ones, and thats because they are so few.


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