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Monday, June 04, 2007

Hate crimes are most often commited by Blacks

By all means let's pass a Hate Crimes bill. And after we pass it, let's use it fairly. By far the most hate crimes are committed against whites and Asians, by Blacks. The recent case in Tennessee involving the car-jacking, rapes and murders of a young White couple is not surprising and such heinous crimes are very common. The reason that a higher percentage of Blacks are on death row is that they often compound their crimes with brutal sadistic behavior like in this instance. Robbery turns into kidnapping and rape and torture.

The hate in this crime is epitomised by the rape of the young White male by the gang of Black men. When I was working at the pizza parlor, my Iranian boss came to me after he interviewed a guy for the job of delivery driver. He was very upset because the guy told him that he currently worked for a pizza parlor in the Black neighborhood of Oakland. He wanted a job in a different neighborhood because he was terrified to continue working the Black neighborhood. He went to deliver a pizza and was robbed and the two Black guys who robbed him, made him suck their dicks. Mohammad was very sympathetic, but told the guy that he could not guarantee that such a thing would not happen again. Our drivers got robbed from time to time. Many men would not admit to being sexually assaulted, so who knows how common this is.

I read a lot of books and I have read many accounts, firsthand accounts, by Blacks who say that in the youth authority, and in prison, they regularly rape White boys and men. White men are targets, period. Making a White man into a bitch is a real turn on for some Black men. My ex boyfriend, an Hispanic was in jail and said White men have it pretty fucked up. He said he was sorry for them. When the Black men get out of jail they continue the behavior they practiced in jail, that is, the subjugation of White men.

Steven R. Donaldson, the science fiction writer, was thrown into a cell with hardcore criminals after an anti-war protest in the 60's and he was raped over 80 times in 2 days. The truth is out there, but nobody wants to accept it. Maybe if we started throwing the liberal White guys into jail with the Blacks, they would get a taste of the truth. Actually the delivery driver was probably a liberal, until that fateful day.


At 10:32 PM , Anonymous karen said...

80 times in 2 days!? Where were the guards and what exactly is their job again? That is really sickening and should not be a part of a jail sentence. I know it is but it seems to me like being amongst the prison population is more cruel and unusual than being in solitary. Yuck...Yes the liberals should spend more time in there.

At 5:45 AM , Blogger Mike said...

A liberal is some one who had not been mugged yet as they say. What you wrote is so true, pal. We just don't see it since it is not politically correct. When neighborhoods turn to crap when low life blacks move in and it happened twice to me here in Florida, am I a racist for being disgusted? Even regular black folks I worked with moved too as it got "too dangerous", to quote them exactly.


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