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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Anti-Americans

PBS's series America At the Crossroads/The Anti-Americans was damn funny!I order you to go to the website and watch the clips of little French children who have been drilled into becoming nasty little racist xenophobes, and listen to rich elitist Brits at a dinner party making idiots of themselves as they show their abysmal ignorance of reality. One British guy claims that all blue collar guys are ignorant and inarticulate. One reasonable and intelligent Brit interviewed said that anti-Americans are such hypocrites, it's as if they are sucking off one tit while punching the other!" Strangely enough the French Muslims living in French tenement apartments and who are not part of the great french socialist dream, express admiration for George Bush, not because of his policies but because, as they put it, "He gets things done."


At 2:44 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"little French children who have been drilled into becoming nasty little racist xenophobes"
Really ?
If you let aside some stupidity like "60% of Americans are illiterate", I think those French children are quite aware about the current political situation : Oil wells, weapons, war, Pollution...
What did G.W.Bush bring to the US ?
The Iraq war has nothing to do with terrorism or weapon of mass destruction, it is just about oil, money and power... at quite a high price for the soldier dying there.
By neglecting environmental policy and things like the Tokyo Accord, the US gvt is endangering the whole planet and jeopardizing the future

I'm curious to see what 11 yo US children know about Europe...


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