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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Co-worker's funny story #1

Jehovah's Witness co-worker just told us that his brother's friend went with a few friends and family members to Orlando, Florida.

They were walking around town at night and decided to go into a club. The doorman told them that he could let the women in, but not the men because they were wearing jeans and sneakers.

"There is a Wal-mart down the street and you can buy some clothes there," he told them.

So they went to Wal-mart. They found some clothes, put them on in the dressing room and decided to leave them on and pay for them while the clothes were on their backs. They left the tags hanging out.

The women refused to be seen with the men because they were embarrassed. As the guys got in line they heard people saying, "Oh my God, they are trying to steal those clothes with the tags all hanging out. They are so stupid, they must be from Alabama."

So they bought the clothes and walked down to the club. The doorman checked them out and said. "Those are some nice looking clothes you bought. Y'all look like you're from Alabama."

His brother's friend said, they never told anyone that they actually were from Alabama.


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