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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Let's open some fascist police state reeducation camps for lefties!

Lefties just love reeducation camps, especially for the intellectual classes. Let's give them some.

Last night in the Castro district of San Francisco, a female impersonator dressed as a nun stood yelling over and over, "This is a fascist police state."

Hmmm... if this was a police state, do you think the police would let some man dressed like a nun insult the government without going over and stomping his ass?

I say we should scoop up lefties who piss and moan about living in a police state, a la Soylent Green, and take them to a nice little fascist themed amusement park and show them what living in a real fascist police state feels like. Afterward, me thinks that they will be a tad more grateful to be living in such a free country.


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