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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

They opened up a can of negro whoopass!

Co-worker got a call today from her son's best friend, Lamar. He called to apologize for not having contacted her for some time.

He hadn't been able to call her as he had been in the hospital recovering from 5 major surgeries required after being shot by a mugger.

Lamar is 6'3 and he said he came upon 4 youths mugging an old man. Lamar attacked all 4, 3 ran, but the one who had the gun stayed.

"I was holding on to the gun with one hand, Lamar said, and beating his ass with the other. "

"I was wrestling with him trying to get the gun when he yelled to his friends, "Help me, he's trying to take the gun!"

"I was still beating his ass, as we both went down to the ground the gun went off. He shot me in the chest."

"I barely survived, he said, but that ni&&er will never forget me!"


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