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Monday, December 17, 2007

Oh ohh, the guns of Oakland!

The security guard at work said that the other week he came home to find a very big gun lying on the sidewalk in front of his house.

He called the police and told the dispatcher about it. She said an officer would come to get it. Our guard waited for an hour. No cop. An hour and a half. No cop. He went outside and saw a cop car pass by. He thought they'd stop. No luck. He saw another cop car. This is it, he thought. No, nuh uh.

He went back in the house. Looking out his window he saw his neighbor, a woman who works in security, sneak over and pick up the gun and go back into her house.

The cops finally arrived and he told them the gun disappeared. He didn't want to mention his neighbor, in case it was a gun she used for work and had accidently left outside.


At 5:15 AM , Anonymous steve said...

i hate it when i leave my gun on the sidewalk out front.


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