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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Right wing co-worker be luvin on dem zombies!

He saw the new George Romero movie last weekend. We were discussing it amongst ourselves. I told him that Romero makes rednecks look bad, but rednecks are exactly the kind of people I would want around if we fell victim to a zombie plague.

Jevovah's witness co-worker agreed. He said that gangsta thugs would be of no use at all if zombies were involved as they would run away like fraidy cats. His brother in Philly had a friend who came to visit in a really nice, fully kitted out van. He was concerned about leaving it on the street in such a tough neighborhood.

Jehovah's witness's brother told him to, "Park it over at the cemetary. Ain't no one going to go into no cemetary at night. If someone breaks into it you know they are White, cuz only White people will go into a cemetary at night."

My other co-worker swears up and down she saw a grinning skeleton driving a car by the cemetary one night.


At 5:41 AM , Blogger ricpic said...

It's duh ghostses, duh white peeple is like ghostses, dats why dey ain't 'fraid ob dem ghostses. Oh yeah.


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