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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Funny looking, but are they racist?

Saturday right-wing co-worker and I went to a new Bed Bath and Beyond store. After we picked out a few items for purchase, we were standing at a check-out register, when a Black kid from a group of about 4 teenagers saw one of these Grow a Head, figurines and took offense. He was remarking to his friends about, "How racist," it was. He was a bit agitated. His friends seemed uninterested.

The young man walked up to the register we were at and said very politely to the checkout clerk, a gay white guy, "Excuse me sir, but I think this is racist."

Checkout clerk replied, "Thank you," in a choked voice.

The kid plopped the figure, on the counter, in front of us, and left.

Co-worker said, "Well at least he is thinking."

I picked up the ugly, chia pet thingy and began to giggle. "It is kind of racist," I said.

Then co-worker and I began to laugh. (We'd had a few margaritas) The Clerk, of course could not join in our merriment, as he would have gotten in trouble. The clerks at this new store are very customer service oriented. The clerk appeared very uncomfortable and was happy to see the back of the kid and us.

I think the kid had possibly had a class at school wherein the teacher had shown him depictions of racist Black memorabilia, which he, quite naturally, I think, associated with this very ugly Grow a Head. A Black co-worker and I were looking at these online and we agreed that since the faces are made of coconut fiber, which is naturally brown, it does make the heads look like Black people.


At 2:28 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Is it racist to mug whitey? Or is that a legitimate expression of black rage? A difficult question for the coming Obama Department Of Justice.

At 7:14 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

It's racist and so is Obama!


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