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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Is it ok for an American president to have dual citizenship in the US and any country in the world?

Let's see, what about having duel citizenship in Russia and the US. China and the US? Iran and the US? North Korea and the US? Cuba and the US? I think the lefties might not like it if a US president had duel Israeli and US citizenship.

Is it ok for Obama to have duel citizenship because Kenya is considered to be a somewhat civilized country? It wasn't too civilized a short while ago. Is Obama going to open up a can of Kenyan style whoopass if he loses the election? I dunno, but I am totally uncomfortable with a US president having a loyalty, even symbolic, to any other country than ours. He needs to renounce his Kenyan citizenship and pick Colin Powell as his vice prez.


At 5:32 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Miss Carnivorous, I find this harping on loyalty to America quite retrograde. You obviously haven't gotten the message: it's all about being a Citizen Of The World now. C'mon lady. Quit dragging behind like a whipped dog's tail. Evolve dammit, evolve!

At 10:04 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I'm too old, I guess!

At 7:16 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama has no kenyan passport

At 9:04 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You might have a point, except that Obama doesn't have dual citizenship. And is not a secret Muslim.

P.S. I did hear he is a secret Nazi who eats straight white Christian babies, though.

P.P.S. Don't tell me you're against Obama because, *gasp*, our allies like him?! Heaven forbid.

At 12:22 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

You are not our allies, you are our enemies and the enemies of good people everywhere. I would bomb the shit out of Germany and France if I were president.

At 1:36 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would bomb the shit out of Germany and France if I were president.

Well you did already.

PS why do you focus exclusively on France and Germany ?

Italians, spaniards, greeks, australians... hate you too.

Let´s make a list of who loves you : should be done in a sec.

Let´s see : the nazionists and.... ahem...

At 3:06 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I am not in favor of bombing France and Germany because they hate me, but because I hate them! I've nothing against Greeks and Italians and I love Australians.

At 11:17 PM , Blogger N. said...

Miss C, you turn partisan jingoism into such sweet, sweet poetry!

At 2:23 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Anon is so far off. The right-wingers of Europe do not love America, they hate it. The left and the right in Europe have gone so far around they they have stuck their heads up the anus of the others' parties and become one ugly, headless, double assed beast. The moderates, who we always try to support are the ones who are pro western.


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