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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Biased news coverage

The headline topping the story about convicted child raping murderer John Couey. They went like this:

Here in SF the headline read, "Death penalty for Idaho sex offender."

From that headline would you not get the idea that the state is going overboard in sentencing this guy to death? It wasn't until you got to the last paragraph in the article you realized Couey was the guy who brutally raped and tortured kids and slaughtered an entire family.

My co-worker, a liberal and an English Lit major agreed with me that this headline is a bullshit attempt to subvert the truth. The papers are hoping that the majority of people don't read past the headline.

The UK Telegraph story headline read, "Jail for child torturer who massacred family." then went on to say Couey had received the death penalty.


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