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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The theory of feminist relativity

My neighbor has been having major girlfriend trouble. The girlfriend has been keeping everyone in the cottage court awake with her antics.

I can hear everything that goes on in the cottage next to me.The girlfriend is doing that crazy intense stuff. Like getting up in the middle of the night and going to sleep on the sofa, because she wants attention and her boyfriend has the nerve to sleep, instead of paying attention to her, at 2 am.

So the neighbor gets up and innocently asks her why she is on the sofa and then boom, insane, nutso, psycho!!!

She attacks him verbally, she attacks him physically. She bites him and throws his stuff against the wall. She breaks glasses. He wrestles her out of the house and she comes right back in like the terminator, 4 times. He is squealing like a stuck pig.

She screams "I hope you fucking die! I hope you fucking die!" about a hundred times.

This goes on for hours and hours. Just when she's winding down, she gets going again. Just when we are falling asleep, we are woken again. Everytime she wrestles him into the kitchen, and he squeals, I fear she has stabbed him.

A day later, she was at it again. At 4 am.

One of the lesbian neighbors went over the first night and told them to break it up or she'd call the police. It didn't work, the girlfriend continued to behave in a psycho way for a few hours more.

The next day the lesbian neighbor told me that she could not take it. "He called her a cunt," she complained.

"Wait a minute I said, she was being a cunt. She was screaming, "I hope you fucking die!" Telling someone you want them to die is worse than calling them a cunt. Not only that, but she was physically attacking him. She was biting him and breaking his stuff."

Lesbian neighbor just shook her head.

Whenever the girlfriend walks down our communal walkway Devil Dawg growls, low, because he really doesn't want to tangle with her, but he can't help himself.


At 1:40 AM , Anonymous strudel said...


I hope you can answer my question. As a new Muslimah, I was drawn to the peace of Islam. However, I need you to explain to me whether hitting one's wife about the head and throwing things at her as well as using abusive language about her and her family is permissible under any circumstances in Islam.

My husband behaves in this way when he is angry with me, often for minor things. And although he is very religious I am very worried about this aspect of his personality, especially since we have a 4 month old son. He thinks that his behavior is fully justifiable according to the Qur'an.



In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

All praise and thanks are due to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon His Messenger.

The behavior of your husband is not justified according to the Qur'an and the teachings of the Prophet and the way he dealt with his wives. The Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) said: "The best of you is those who are best to their wives, and I am the best to my wives."

As for Prophet's behavior with his wives, he never hit, insulted or used any foul language like the behavior you mentioned about your husband.

Your husband is in need of you help to take care of his anger in different ways, instead of beating or using negative behavior towards you. Counseling in your case is a must. If he is a religious man, find out if the imam there can help in this matter.

You can also read:

Islamic View of Emotional Abuse in Marital Life

Allah Almighty knows best.

At 1:42 AM , Anonymous strudel said...

Comment. Luckily there isn't anything of the kind above in our Bible. Please, suggest to your neighbor to spank her with a carpetbeater.

At 10:28 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

You can beat thm where it doesn't show!

At 9:04 PM , Anonymous jack said...


Read the Quran/hadeth and you'll get your answer.

It's a 3 step process.

1. Ask them to behave.
2. Kick them from your bed (this is where the 4 wifes come in handy).
3. Beat them (many say lightly but nowhere in the quran does it say lightly).


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