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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Liberals never volunteer for anything

On Friday during a pot luck at work we were talking about the inpending budget cuts. It was mentioned that the adult literacy program might be scrapped.

Good, I cheered. It is bullshit. Very few people go there to actually learn to read. Mostly the guys come to stare at the teacher's breasts. I was a literacy tutor and can speak from experience. I quit when my ex boyfriend, a professional poker player, got bent out of shape about me meeting with ex-cons. He felt there were good reasons why these guys had not learned to read in the first place.

Only one other person out of the 15 or so employees had also been a tutor and she is the only Jewish person in the dept. and she agreed with me that it was a waste of time and money.

All the other employees, liberals to the last one, gave us dirty looks and were silent. Not a damn one of them has ever volunteered his or her time for anything, and although they are sure that they like the sound of the "Adult Literacy Program" that is as far as they are willing to suppport it. They want to support it with other people's money. That is, they want to force the taxpayers to support it and whether it actually has had any value or measurable success is beside the point to them. It has emotional impact and it sounds philanthropic.

As I said before, secular liberals did not go to visit my grandmother every week when she was paralyzed and dying of MS in a rest home, Jehovah's Witnesses did. Most liberals are too concerned with finding themselves to give of their time or money to others. They never buy candy or Girl Scout cookies from fellow employees' kids either.


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