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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Charismatic co-worker sounds off about PBS

Black Jehovah's witness co-worker and I have always been PBS addicts. We always watch it on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Sunday nights. We love NOVA, Frontline, Nature, Masterpiece Theatre and a local show about artists from California.

Jehovah's witness co-worker is a photographer and art lover, so we discuss the art show the day after it airs. On Mondays we discuss the previous night's Nature episode, animatedly. (Although, Nature has been dumbed down to an almost unbearable level, F. Murray Abraham narrates the shows in a painfully slow voice and simplistic dialogue that seems directed at stroke patients, or very young children)

Charismatic co-worker told us she always heard us talking about public television and it sounded so great she thought she'd try it.

" I watched that shit for about 10 minutes, that's all I could stand, and I asked myself, how can they watch this shit?" she told us.


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