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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Before you unwrap that entire pack of Bubble Yum, put it in your mouth and get to poppin' think on this

"In a tragic twist of fate, the wife of San Francisco attorney Bill Fazio died of a freak accident in American Samoa while there preparing the funeral of her brother, who like her belonged to what amounts to royalty in the tiny island nation.

Lepeti Tuitele Fazio, 60, apparently choked to death March 6 on a piece of gum while talking to a deacon about her brother's service arrangements, said her husband

I will say this, I would not get near a desparate choking Samoan. It would not be good for my own health. I once tried to wrestle a drunk, obese woman out of my hotel room. She stomped my feet so bad they were entirely black and blue. The next day I showed her my poor feet, but she was entirely unsympathetic. "Now you know what 350 lbs feels like on your feet," she said.


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