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Friday, August 21, 2009

There are not enough doctors and nurses to furnish millions more with health care

This never gets mentioned in the reports about health care "reform." Doctors are all over the news saying that they want "reform" because they don't have time to spend with patients in the current system.

If everyone rushes the gates at once without the infrastructure to support them, think on how little time doctors will have to spend with patients.

We are already robbing the third world of many of their doctors and nurses.

During the free health care give away staged recently, I heard interviews with college students who had severe dental problems. Why don't all American colleges have doctors and dentists on staff? Surely, liberal college professors would be willing to pay a personal tax or part of their salaries in order that their students may enjoy good health.


At 7:20 AM , Anonymous jack said...

So true ... we'll have to import more foriegn Dr's to accomodate the immigrants.

Here's a thought. Let them stay in their own country and treat them there. It would help with global warming too. All that traveling!

Mrs Jack is a retired RN. She may have to come out of retirement to help her Dem party out. That would sure piss her off! LOL

At 3:00 PM , Anonymous steve said...

Hey look! A rich tapestry of diversity!

At 4:13 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

Why should the best and the brightest even consider medicine as a career? In the past it was a hard life but both the remuneration and independence were high. In the future a doctor will be just another government drone. And as the brightest are replaced by the barely brighter than average the quality of care given will plummet. Make no mistake, to make accurate diagnoses not occasionally but consistently takes a level of intelligence well above average. Rufus and Jose can't cut it. And that's your future physician: Rastus and Jesus.


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