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Saturday, January 13, 2007

Miss C does not care if you say she's racist! For Liberals the mere existence of whites is racist.

I get called racist a lot on this blog. This doesn't really bother me, one because I am not a liberal, conservatives are tarred as racist anyway and two, because I tend to think of the liberals as the real racists because they do not seem to hold people of color to any standard of civilized behavior what so ever. Liberals make excuses for the most heinous brutality perpetrated by people of color. I myself believe that "people of color" are perfectly capable of joining a civilized society, if they would only try. Liberals define themselves as "better" than conservatives because they are 'kinder" and more "caring."

Everybody wants to think themselves better than somebody. More power to them. I have admitted many times on this blog that I am neither kind nor caring, for the most part and I do not aspire to be. I do not think of myself as an evil person and wish the best for everyone under the sun, but I don't find pity to be a very productive emotion. As a child of drug addicts and acoholics I look on pity as enabling. People who are shocked by my outspokeness might look to my blog name to get a clue. The point of my blog is to rake the liberals and their pretentions to superiority, over the coals. I find their policies criminal and damaging, most often affecting the poor and minorites. I calls em as I sees em. As many of you know, I grew up in the ghetto on welfare, with a drug addicted mother who was a substance abuser and mentally ill. My alcoholic father did not in any way support us. I feel qualified to speak on behalf of the underclass, poor and "disenfranchised."

I do not write this blog for liberals. If liberals find my thoughts offensive, they are free to leave and I really don't care if they do. In fact, if they are going to mess up my comments sections with liberal orthodox garbage, already proven to be useless, I will tell them to go away. And good riddance. I have grown up around liberals, been somewhat educated by them, insofar as they are able to educate anyone, work around them and know everything they know and a whole lot more besides. I am an adult now, I don't need to listen to liberals any more. I have heard everything they have to say and have disregarded most of it as useless drivel. (Not you Gary, you are an original thinker, and a mine of new information.) I guess my standards for liberals are higher than my standards for conservatives. I read a lot of conservative writing and some of it is just as useless as the liberal's, but generally I think conservatives have a much better understanding of human nature. The are for personal responsibilty and against victimhood. Also, it's my blog and I can say what I want. So here goes.

Liberals have entirely different rules for whites. The standards for behavior, and even private thoughts are very strict indeed. Whites are not even allowed to be annoyed at say, the complete lack of driving skills and general disregard for motor vehicle laws that Asian immigrants display. Everyone that lives near Chinatown dreads, above all, to drive down a street populated by Asians. they will drive way across town to a bridge and drive all the way back up town to avoid going down a certain street. Yet, if I were to state this fact aloud in the company of liberals they would turn up their little noses and accuse me of being racist. Because they consider it more criminal to state a truism about people of a certain race or culture than it is to run an old Chinese woman down in a crosswalk, with a car you are not skilled enough to drive.

We have a lot of altercations on the buses between Chinese people and Blacks because the Chinese push and shove people and cut the lines. They also rarely say excuse me. Blacks are always telling the Chinese to "Say excuse me, you rude motherfucker!" If I had a dollar for every incident of this type I would be rich by now. On the other hand the Blacks will hog up the seats reserved for the handicapped and seniors and woe betide the unfortunate person to ask them to surrender a seat. Long assaultive diatribes and threats ensue. The Black kids regularly let the back doors slam in people's faces because they are too cool to hold the door for someone. That would make them a "chump."

Black men can murder an entire Asian family, call them "Buddha heads" and earn slavish devotion from the left, but let some poor white guy call someone a "Macaca" and all hell breaks loose. So thought crimes and crimes that do actually cause bodily harm are only serious when perpetrated by whites, while murder, torture and racism perpetrated by Blacks are excused. That's pretty racist if you ask me.

To perhaps find effeminate gay men irritating as hell, and not particularly enjoy them or desire to have them as friends is considered bigotry. Yet gay men, for the most part, do not like women. They live, happily, female free existences. We had an old queen who worked here who became incensed when he heard they had hired a female to work in his department. He told the administration that he had an all male crew and he wanted it to stay that way. When the girl was under his supervision he would not address her directly and was incredibly rude and dismissive of her work. One time he came over to look up records in our department. All of the sudden he threw up his hands, and said, "There are too many women here!" and flounced off. If I had gone to his department and stated that there were too many gays, I would no longer be an employee. So, if I were to admit that I find him to be a mincing little creep who should wash his clothes more often and that I find it hilarious that his prostate is shot and he is always running to the restroom, the Liberals would be hatin on me. Do you think I care?

Now if a straight white man had done this type of thing it would have meant a trip to the courthouse and the unemployment line for him. Of course, a straight white man would probably enjoy being surrounded by many female secretaries. I prefer to be surrounded by straight guys, so sue me! I had homosexual sensitivity training, it obviously did not take! Like someone once said "You can have all the handicapped sensitivity training in the world and afterward you will still vote to keep the full use of your limbs!"

To the liberals even talking about people of other races or gays is forbidden. Unless you only say nice things. Actually many nice things you say about other races is considered racist too. You can't state the obvious, Blacks on average run faster or Asians on average have higher IQ's. I break that rule all the time. The reason is this, I live among "people of color." I could choose to live among only whites, but that would be considered racist by liberals as well. So I choose to live among people of many different races because I prefer it. There are many things to admire about the different cultures and yet there are many aspects of other cultures I reject. Why would a liberal choose to become a Buddhist if he did not admire Buddhist culture. However, he may dislike Evangelical culture. He is making a distinction. He is entitled to say so aloud.

If persons or a person of color or another culture does something I disapprove of I will say so. When I was in school I was well known as one of the few white girls who "talked back" to Blacks. I will continue to do so as I see fit. I am an advocate of tough love. I love blacks, but they are really messing up their own lives and throughout the years, my life too. The murders in Oakland are spreading outside of the drug zone. People are dying in their own driveways in the middle of the day. Three innocent men have been assaulted in their own yards recently. The culture of violence in the inner city is spiraling out of control. I have for many years been the victim of physical and verbal attacks on the street. I have been spit on and hit and had bottles thrown at me, merely for being white.

As I see it, most inner city Blacks are particularly fucked up. There I said it. Liberals are either unwilling to admit this is the case, afraid of being tarred with the racist brush or they don't live near Blacks and are oblivious to it all. It doesn't even matter to me if the Blacks want to claim they are fucked up because of white people, just admitting that you are fucked up is half the battle. But I believe they are fucked up because inner city culture is not conducive to personal or group success. I've no earthly idea of how Blacks are doing in other areas of the country. I am merely relating my own experience. My family were prime examples of the failure of poor uneducated whites. But I learned from their mistakes and decided not to repeat them.

I will say this, I admire, very much, Asian, especially Chinese, Vietnamese and Japanese-American culture. Other than the fact that Chinese people ought not, as the Pakistani kid in the movie Syriana said, "Even be allowed to wash cars," much less drive them. I can seriously say that the entire world would be better off it it followed the examples of the majority of Chinese immigrants to America. You can't argue with success.

Our latest fiasco is the election of Black nationalist, Ron Dellums to the position of mayor of Oakland. In a previous column I spoke of the thuggish behavior of some of the Blacks at his inauguration ceremony. It turns out that the blacks were yelling and heckling the Hispanic city council member and calling him "Nacho" in a derogatory way. Chinese senior citizens who attended the inauguration ceremony left because they were afraid of a "melee." For melee read riot. (update, one newspaper quoted a Chinese community leader as using the word, melee, another newspaper stated she said "riot.") I'm certain she said riot, but the editorial staff probably did not want to print the word. Too risky, even though it's nearly a given in Oakland that any gathering of Blacks will eventually become a riot. We've had to forgo a multitude of cultural events for this very reason.

Now this intimidation and riotous behavior is typical of a certain set in Oakland. But this set has a lot of political power. Now if they actually achieved anything for Black people by their bullying and threats, you might excuse their behavior. But they do not. Oakland is getting more and more fucked up by the year, because these very people will not let anyone else climb out of the barrel. They will elect someone who has no political record of helping Blacks as long as he is seen in opposition to Whites. Mayor Dellums will be under great pressure from these people but he will not be able to please them, because the truth is, people with this mind set are not very intelligent and do not know what they want. They always want what ever they imagine anyone else is getting, because their lives are motivated by envy and greed.

The obsession they have with getting their fair share is killing the political will. At my workplace the Blacks have, for years, been claiming that the Hispanic administration ignores or shortchanges the Black employees. If you go to a union meeting that's all you hear. The Blacks are being put upon. Mind you, the vast majority of them do as little work as humanly possible. Then they go to the union and demand raises and complain of ill treatment. My Grandma worked for the County and the water agency and she would say that some of them spent more energy avoiding work than they did working.

In truth the Hispanic administration did get rid of a lot of Black employees when it came into power. We had a whole slew of really troublesome employees with severe behavioral problems. Vicious nasty, threatening people, used to throwing their weight around. For the first time in 20 years someone stood up to them. The whites in the former administration would not do it. Liberals all, they were scared. The one Black head supervisor we hired stayed for a very short time and ran off to work in an all white city. About the only supervisor who will stand up to a Black employee and demand excellence is a Chinese one. Unencumbered by fear, they alone will do it. An Arab friend of mine says the hardest people to manage are Black women and gay men.

Hispanic administrators were being called racists for doing something very beneficial for the employees and the public. Even though the fired or transferred employees were, without exception, some of the most evil people on the planet, with long, long records of threatening behaviors, physical assaults and doing a very poor job in general, the Blacks that remained were very angry at the administrators. They looked on the whole business as an affront to them personally and whispered that they would be next as the administration was engaged in a form of "ethnic" cleansing. The fired employees all filed discrimination and wrongful termination suits, but lost them.

The Blacks who continually claim that anonymous "whites" are out to get them are the ones who are racist. The Blacks that see a conspiracy of Hispanics eager to relieve them of their jobs and take all the benefits for themselves are racists. The obsession with other races as the instrument of your doom is a symptom of racism. Perhaps the Blacks should take a page out of the Hispanics book and work together as a community for positive change. The Hispanic groups are far more cooperative than the Blacks, not to mention better behaved. The restraint and polite behavior shown by the marchers for the rights of immigrants last year proved that.

So this is some of what I have experienced, living and working in the inner city. I have lots more to say about it and I will. I am not afraid to speak the truth. I have never done any harm to Blacks, Hispanics or gays and I never will. I do not feel guilty in the least. The liberals feel guilty and that is their problem not mine.


At 8:09 PM , Anonymous jack said...

Hot damn ... I love it when you talk dirty.

Working as a serviceman I had to make many service calls in ALL black neighborhoods. Often this was late or even in the middle of the night. My strategy was to go in like you owned the place. I would pull up, flip those flashing beacons on playing loud white boy music and announce I’m here and what is your PROBLEM. Showed no fear and never had a problem!

Many many times I was asked if we were hiring. I would always say … sure get in the truck and I’ll take you to get an application RIGHT NOW. Only once did a black man take me up on my offer and imagine this … he was hired and worked as a lineman for almost 10 years before he quit!

Other servicemen that went into the hood tip toeing always got messed with in one way or another.

For years I was know as that crazy white MF that worked for the electric co. in the hood.

At 11:18 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

yes and i have also worked with the type of Black man you speak of. But those like him are seen as chumps in the inner city. generally when a Black guy is hard working and supports his kids he is originally from the south and not from around here!

At 11:37 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

No wonder you get called racist a lot. WE calls 'em as WE sees 'em.

At 2:21 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Yeah whatever, why don't you refute my points? Becuase you can't.


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