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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Shia welcome US troops into their Baghdad neighborhoods

Sunni's meet them with car bombs! There is no doubt who our enemies in Iraq are. Nancy Pelosi was all over the television saying that the Iraqi constitution needs ratfication to make the Sunni terrorists happier so they won't be so angry.

The Sunnis are angry because they have lost the right to rule over the majority of Iraqis in the same oppressive manner they always have. They are clever and have made the left in America into their lapdogs. The Democrats need to get behind the push for a few months wholeheartedly and stop championing the terrorists cause.

I was reading in the San Francisco Chronicle that the Bay Area colleges are getting ready to vamp up their anti-war protests. One of their more silly antics is setting up a check point on campus. The point being, that check points in Iraq are somehow, bad. Never mind that check points probably save the lives of thousands of Iraqis who are in danger from other Iraqis and non Iraqi, Arabs, North Africans and Afghans, not Americans.

The college students interviewed seemed totally confused as to the fact that the US is engaged in a peace enforcement mission at this point. They seem firmly convinced that it is US forces slaughtering unarmed and innocent Iraqis by the hundreds and hundreds. If they are aware that Iraqis are primarily responsible for the deaths of other Iraqis, they seem to think that the killers have an actual excuse for the slaughter. That is, US presense on Iraqi soil gives the Sunnis the right to blow up women and children!

I was reading the author Alice Sebold's book about her brutal rape while she was in college. After the rape, while she was in the hospital, her dorm mates brought her a change of clothes, but they forgot to bring her fresh panties! This, to me, epitomized the stupidity of a lot of college students. God knows, clean underwear is the first thing I would bring to a rape victim!

I had a rotten date with a less than intelligent liberal the other day and he told me that he did not support the war and it was all for oil, duh, duh, duh. I told him the reason I thought Bush went to war, then backed up my opinion with a lot of facts. I admitted that WMD's were a lie, but I told him Bush would not be president if he had not taken serious military action, as we were attacked on our own soil. The American people would have been screaming for his blood.

The liberal listened for a while and said, "Wow, I guess you have read a lot about it." Then he had to start on global warming, something else I know he has not "read a lot about." I told him if he didn't like global warming he should stop driving this minute, it was that simple.

I can't stand this crap for long. The ignorant lecturing me on subjects they know absolutely nothing about. So I had to kick his sorry ass to the curb!


At 1:31 PM , Blogger -bRad said...

Hey C - I read this and see where you admitted that the WMDs were a lie. Actually, they were not. There is evidence from the U.S. and other countries of WMDs that were being housed, hidden, sold, bought and developed. Saddam was really good at hiding them, but we know they existed. The final report on them even indicated so, but this was never really projected to the American Public. I mean, let's face it, that would support Bush and we can't have that.

The only lie, here, is that the media refuses to acknowledge the events and facts that took place leading up to the war.

Sadly, it will be one of the great lies of Bush’s legacy but it looks like history has been written and will be forgotten.

At 10:31 PM , Blogger gary said...

Miss C, WMDs must be taken on faith. Perhaps as an atheist you are unfamiliar with the concept; it means believing things you know not to be true.

At 12:06 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I have no faith whatsoever!

At 12:19 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush would not be president if he had not taken serious military action, as we were attacked on our own soil----------

What are u talking about dumbass ? 9-11 ?

Yeah, sure, awful : those iraqi hijackers crashing two Boeing belonging to Iraqi Airways into the World Trade Center in New York City, and one more in the Pentagone.

At 2:40 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone knows that the war is about oil....OLIVE OIL! What would we do without Olive Oil? What would the Arabs do without Olive Oil, its used for EVERYTHING.

Anyway, thats what you get for going out with a know better.

At 4:02 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Anon, the Muslims lump themselves into one group, why shouldn't we lump them together as well??? Iraqis, Saudis, Palestinians, Indonesians. Who cares? It's only when the Muslims get an ass kicking they want to say, "Wah wah, we didn't do anything to you." "Why are you picking on us???" "Help, Help, Help!!!" the trouble is, they always get an ass kicking!

At 9:44 AM , Blogger gary said...

Miss C, if you like the Shiites so much what do you think about al Sadre? He is probably the most popular Shiite in Iraq. And I believe that his forces will be "welcoming" US forces very soon, as soon as the current Shiite holiday ends in a week or so.

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