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Monday, March 12, 2007

Condoleeza' s a lot more dark skinded than Harry Belafonte!

Harry Belafonte says, "Condoleeza Rice needs to be told about her"Blackness!" What a racist piece of doo doo he is. He has a lot of nerve. If he could keep his hands off of White women long enough to look in the mirror, he would see that he owes his light complexion to a few White ancestors himself. Slave owners. He should pay his own descendant of slave owners ass some reparations, shut the hell up, take some Viagra and go back to banging White women. Banging White chicks is about the only thing he's good at. Condoleeza is a lot Blacker, and a hell of a lot smarter, than that calypso singing fool. Does he speak fluent Russian? I think not! She also has a lot better taste in clothing. Harry is always flashing that man cleavage in his ruffly shirts. Geerosss!


At 11:55 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Day-O. Daaaayyy-O. Daylight come and me want to be blacker.


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