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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Islamists set to divide and destroy Thailand with their cruel mentality

After the tsunami the Thai people rushed to help victims. They cared not whether the victims were foreign tourists or natives. They graciously opened their hearts and went out of their way to help locate victims' relatives both living and deceased. They fed and clothed people. The biography of a supermodel who lost her boyfriend and had her pelvis shattered during the tsunami, told of being stuck naked in a tree afterward and how 2 Thai men came and gave her their clothes to cover herself with. While she was lying on a stretcher, a Thai man who had lost his family gave her his Buddhist necklace.

On the other hand, the stories out of Banda Ache, Indonesia, a Muslim area, were not nearly as positive. I remember particularly a story one man told of his neighbor who was stuck up in the wreckage of his house, pinned by debris, who died screaming, over a period of days, as his neighbors were too shell shocked, busy looking for their own relatives, or just plain too selfish and cruel to help him. Many Muslim women were raped and sexually molested after the tsunami, because they had lost their husbands, no doubt turning them into instant husbandless sluts in the eyes of Muslim men.

There was a ferry disaster in Indonesia a few years back. An American aid worker spoke of being molested by men in the ocean, after the sinking of the boat. She had to swim far away from these men and stay by herself. When floating out in the sea, one man came up and shared food with her, but she was even suspicious of him and told him she preferred to remain alone. He said he understood. He later was rescued by a fisherman whom he talked into looking for her too. One tiny ray of hope. All the Indonesian women on the ferry died, drowned because they did not know how to swim.

Brigitte Gabriel, the Lebanese Christian tells of her experiences with the cruelty and selfishness of Muslim culture compared to the humanity of the Israelis. She tells of an incident where her mother was wounded by Israelis rocket fire because the Lebanese would fire rockets into Israel from the Christian areas. When the Israelis would try to take out the rocket launchers they would hit Christian civilians. For that very reason, the Israelis bought ambulances for the Arabs to use to take the Arabs to hospitals run by Israelis. She said that when her mother was taken to the hospital by ambulance, the Arab driver, who was from her own neighborhood, took too much money from her for a service that was already paid for by the Israelis. She points out that no Israeli would ever receive medical care from Arabs as they would be torn apart before an ambulance could arrive anyway.

She saw Israelis at the hospital working frantically to save terrorists as well as civilians. She learned that everything the Arabs had told her about the Israelis were lies. An Arabic speaking Israeli nurse asked around and figured out that Brigitte had not been eating during her mother's hospital stay. Brigitte thought that she would have to pay for the hospital and since the Arab guy had taken half of her money she was afraid to spend any on food. The Israeli nurse took her to lunch, then set up a job translating so that Brigitte could eat for free in the canteen. The nurse gave her a change of clothes and personal care supplies. Brigitte dreaded leaving the hospital, as she had fallen in love with the Israelis. Eventually she was given a job at the hospital by an Israeli commander and she moved to Israel and became a newscaster.

The fact is that there are peoples on this earth who are humane and there are peoples who are cruel and inhumane. Muslim culture is inhumane. The basis for it is entirely false. There is no God, so there can be no excuse for violence in the name of something that does not even exist. When you base your entire culture on the worship of some false idol in the sky and ignore real human suffering, you are evil. Jews in general are just better people than Muslims. That is all.


At 1:48 PM , Blogger healtheland said...

This is why need to figure out ways to get the gospel to Muslims.

At 3:55 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

No, forget that. Nuclear annihilation looks to be the only answer. Sad to say.

At 4:41 PM , Blogger gary said...

Torture and kill the evil people and their children too!


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