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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Right wing co-worker's idea for a bumper sticker

"If you can read this bumper sticker,
you weren't educated in California."


At 2:09 PM , Blogger D.B. Shobrawy said...

i'm guessing there is an issue wth the school system in cali?

At 4:44 PM , Anonymous jack said...

I live in what was once called the "golden triangle". The local joke was that they taught the 3 Rs ... just not all at the same school.

btw: my school was ritmatic

At 12:40 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Not al at the same school, ha ha. Here you are lucky if you get one and you'd never get the ritmatic! I should know, I'm inumerate!

At 3:05 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was perusing's anti-Hillary section while at work the other day (BTW I'm super productive) and I stumbled upon the BEST. VRWC. SLOGAN. EVER.

"Hillary and Nancy- It takes two mommies to raise a really gay party!"

-Opinionated Jackass (at work)

At 11:46 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Noah, prodigal son of Miss Carnivorous, where have you been?

At 5:55 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm still here-I'm not dead, I swear! Blog updates coming soon, I promise.

At 10:23 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Noah, hunny, if I click on your blog just to see KKKramer one more time...


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