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Friday, May 11, 2007

Former President of Spain Jose Maria Aznar on supporting Bush and Blair in the Iraq war

On one of PBS's programs about the rising tide of extreme Islam in Europe, shown during their "world after 9/11 series," former Spanish government officials and President Jose Maria Aznar were interviewed. When Aznar was asked why he supported Bush's plan to go to war in Iraq he said that he thought it was in his country's best interests to ally himself with the world's 2 greatest democracies, the US and Britain.

Here is a quote from a 60 minutes interview with Mike Wallace.

AZNAR (THROUGH TRANSLATOR): "Because the task of a political leader is to do what he believes is better for his country. Sometimes the public opinion is in favor; sometimes the public opinion needs a little bit more time to understand things. I mean, how many British supported Churchill when he said that Hitler was a threat? How many people in how many countries have understood the threats or their leaders at a particular moment in time? It is, of course, much better to get as much support as possible, but a political leader has a responsibility. A good political leader meets his responsibility."


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