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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Michael Moore and the superiority of Cuba

Michael Moore chose the wrong subject for his recent documentary. Instead of health care, which in truth everyone in America has in some way or another, he should have done an expose on the American system of education and it's inferiority to the Cuban system.

In Cuba, so I have read and heard, they have achieved nearly 100% literacy. How did they do it? Cubans are poor. They don't have a lot of money for schools. many Cubans are descendants of people who suffered a particularly brutal form of slavery. yet, Cubans learn to read quite well. Cuban classrooms look to be organized and well disciplined. Cuban children seem eager to learn. Cubans value patriotism to a great degree. In the classroom they salute Fidel and their revolution, everyday. Cuban children engage in holiday celebrations that encourage group unity. They do not value individualism at all. Everything is done for the state. Teachers are paid no more than any other profession, yet they are dedicated to their students.

Our system is nothing like the Cuban system. It is in every way inferior. I say we should start emulating Cuba today. In every class children should stand and salute George W. Bush and our flag before commencing to lessons.


At 11:53 AM , Anonymous RaLph said...

Heil Hillary!

At 12:00 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

Hey Ralph where you be at?

At 12:06 PM , Blogger Donkeyhue said...

Its sad state of affairs when the Cubans would be more willing to salute our President and our flag before half of our own Country would. Makes me want to punch the ACLU.

In my travels I can tell you that every single Cuban every single one of them that I met could not go on enough about (usually in fearful whispers) how they loved America, especially the dancers at the Copa who for some unknown reason got the impression that I was a talent agent.

At 12:13 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I believe you Donkey! I am sure that you could find lucrative jobs for the Copa dancers

At 6:10 AM , Anonymous Ralph said...

Where I be? I breathe which means there is more life in me than on Mars. I just hope that NASA does not decide to send a probe my way to investigate lifelessness in an apparent moving body.

Multiple times I have tried to post a comment and nothing happens. I try preview, then post, and still no results. The following were my comments about Ratatouille:

"Rats swarming around food is a gross concept." True, but so is the reality regarding those who actually prepare the food at most food places. Did you notice the Ratatouille clientele at the end of the movie?

I also dozed off at the movie.

beelza-bubba, the characters where supposed to be French, including the rats, what is there to like?


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