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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Supreme Court justice!

The Supreme Court ruling involving so called "voluntary desegregation" is absolutely a joy to me. For too long the liberal elite have laid their own guilt trip on the backs of the poor. Integration sounds good but in practice it has been the ruination of our educational system. Instead of forced and involuntary integration, the Government should have funded all schools equally. That would have meant Blacks would stay in their own neighborhood schools to be instructed by teachers of their own choosing following a curriculum of their own choosing as well. Blacks could have been comfortable and would not have to compare themselves to, or define themselves against Whites.

Instead what we got was the lowering of standards in all inner city schools and the forcing of poor Whites and Asians into substandard schools where racial animosity and social distraction ruled the day. White liberals, mostly educated, were content to subject poor Whites to the hell of attending schools where Whites were a tiny minority. They suffered the tortures of the damned. Liberals continued to send their children to private schools. They were and are ignorant of the conditions and behavior of the Black students in inner city schools.

One of the biggest problems I have with liberals is that they think that everyone is like themselves. If you try and tell them of what goes on in inner cities, they will call you a racist. This stems from their blissful ignorance. White liberals really have no contact with poor inner city residents. They live in wealthy liberal enclaves and drive everywhere. The few minorities they might come into contact with are usually of the middle class and above.

The liberal elite really do hate poor Whites anyway. Poor Whites, as White liberals believe, are really venal and lazy, because their is no excuse for Whites to be poor unless it's due to their own lack of initiative. Since we have White privilege we must choose to be poor. Blacks on the other hand are never poor due to their own actions but always do to the actions of some White people somewhere, never White liberals though, it's always a Republicans fault.

So, thinking that they could erase racism on the backs of poor Whites and sop their own guilt feelings, they were content to bus poor whites to majority Black schools to be abused, thus creating more racists. When my sister was dating a rich kid from the Oakland hills he was astonished at the attitudes my sister and I had toward inner city Blacks. He, having never come into contact with any Blacks was secure in the knowledge that they were all just like him.

No White girl or boy is responsible for the way that adults have mishandled racial relations. Children should never be used as pawns. The integration of schools in Little Rock Arkansas was done at the expense of Black children who had to walk through gauntlets of riotous racist mobs. That never should have happened to them and it should not happen to Whites or Asians either.

It says a lot to me that liberals feel that a school can have too many Blacks. In San Francisco they bus Asian kids to dangerous schools so that there are at least a few academically proficient students in those sad disgusting schools. The schools need Asian students to make them look good. The Asians have been protesting for years at the unfairness of it all. Then the Asians get to UC Berkeley and they have a policy of not accepting too many Asians, because the truth is that they would make up the entire student body of all the major universities if we relied on actual merit during admissions.


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