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Friday, June 29, 2007

To elderly Chinese immigrants I am the veriest of circus freaks

Sometimes I walk by a Chinese senior center on my way to work. The other day there were hundreds of seniors out taking their morning constitutionals. As I passed the groups of 4 and five, most of them sporting canes and walkers, I stepped to the side so as not to frighten or knock into them.
Was my good deed unpunished, hell no! As they passed me they gawked at me in horror, even slowing and stopping so they could stare at me longer.

Entirely fed up, when I arrived at work I complained about it to my co-workers. The Blacks were sympathetic, themselves being the victims of the "Asian evil eye" on frequent occasions. My Chinese co-worker tried to say that they wanted to look at me longer because I was pretty. She claims that they stare at her too. So I imitated the looks I received and she agreed that it was the "Oh my God it's a big foreign devil (gwai lo)," stare.

So I said, wait a minute, this is my country, they are the foreign devils!" And my Black co-workers said, "Thank you!"


At 2:23 PM , Blogger ricpic said...

So the Chinks are racists. So big deal. If the truth be told every member of a group or tribe or race looks askance at all the other tribes or races. It's perfectly natural. What's unnatural is to celebrate diversity. And then, if you don't celebrate diversity, to be told that you're a bigot. That's the situation in this country. So, of course, those who buy into such insanity are in a constant state of unrelieved tension. When the Chinks give them the evil eye for being long noses they want to shout back, "What are you doing in my country you yellow skinned slant eyed bastards," but they don't because that would make them a bad person. So life will go on under the insane mandate of multiculturalism either with constant unnecessary friction or there'll be an explosion. Me? I try not to look at the Chinks.

At 3:00 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

You have to look at them when they are about to rear end your ass, cuz they can't drive. They can gawp at me iffin they like, it's a minor irritation.


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