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Friday, September 07, 2007

Grace Paley, dangerous leftist retard, burn in hell!

God a sakes, they've been playing prerecorded interviews with la belle Paley on the radio. She had a stutter and she used to say er, er, er, er, er about a hundred times before she could spit out a sentence. The bitch positively made Bush sound eloquent. She was stuck on stupid about the Iraq peace enforcement missions and was overjoyed that "the Iraqi's were fighting back against the all powerful, almighty US."

Par usual for a far leftist, she was woefully ignorant of what is actually going on on the ground in Iraq. The attacks against the US and coalition forces pale in comparison to the internecine war that is going on and the left usually ignores that fact entirely. As Nick Cohen, leftist, puts it, the left complained about Saddam right until the Bush administration declared him their enemy, and instead of celebrating the Iraqi revolution have decided to support the counter revolution instead.


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