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Friday, September 07, 2007

Jury duty, chapter 5

Sgt Bosso took the bullet back to Oakland. He notified the D.A.'s office . One of the attorneys contacted Boo and Boo told her his side of the story.

Here is Chato's side of the story from his testimony. He agrees that he met Boo at Tiffany and Bam Bam's apt, while Bam Bam was in jail. Chato did not go to the apt to help Tiffany move but to get high on meth. He said at about 4:30 am, as he saw Boo getting ready to leave the apt, he asked for a ride to Santa Rita St. He said Boo was not driving a Bronco, he was in a white van. They began to drive around and Boo told him that they should do licks for the money for more meth. He said that Boo drove up Lincoln Ave and saw a construction sight. He said Boo saw a large spool of copper wire and Boo wanted to steal it. Chato said he did not want to steal the wire because he did not think it was worth anything. Chato said he stopped to get a drill from a friend to break into the air machine at a gas station on High St, but Boo said it was the wrong bit. He said Boo dropped him at Santa Rita St about 7:30 or 8am.

Chato says he called Boo the same day and asked him to pick up the TV and help him sell it to get a car. He said Boo came to get him and he gave him a laptop fro his trouble. They drove around all afternoon with the TV but could not find a buyer. They drove to the drugstore and met with Boo's blonde friend but he did not have the money for the TV. Then they went to the church and Chato saw the woman with the Mercury that would not turn off. He told Boo that the woman wanted $300 for the car and that he wanted the car. Boo told him that he felt bad they could not sell the TV and that he could help Chato out.

Chato said that Boo drove him back to the street that Tffany used to live on, only he went to a different house. Boo went in to the house and came back with an ounce of crystal meth. Chato said Boo told him he "Got it from some people who were like the mafia."

He told Chato that it cost $650, but Chato could sell it for $950 and keep the change. Chato said then they decided to sample the meth, so there was not the full ounce any more to sell. Chato also said that Boo shorted him on the ounce anyway and that there never was a full ounce even before they began to sample it. Chato said the meth was not good either. Boo told Chato to call some friends and see if he could sell the meth.

Chato told Boo that his friends would not trust Boo, so he would have to sell it to them on his own, so Boo dropped Chato off at Santa Rita st again. Chato said he had no intention of paying Boo for the drugs. he said Boo kept calling him asking for the money. He said Boo follwed him twice in his Bronco but did not catch him. he said he moved to Hayward to get away from Boo. He said Boo framed him to get him back for not paying for the meth. He said that when he saw Boo in the line at the jail, Boo told him to "Put some money on his books." Chato said he laughed in Boo's face.

Chato says he never car jacked Boo and was so sad and confused that Boo would set him up like this. He claimed no knowledge of what happens to snitches in jail or what the G-code is. He said that he only sold drugs a few times so he did not know that there was a code among drug dealers.

To be continued......


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