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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Sometimes it is a Zionist conspiracy!

Right Wing co-worker watched some of Taladega Nights, last night. He hated it. Miss C watched about 25 minutes of it many months ago. It was unfunny in the extreme. I told co-worker that it was surely written by a Jewish guy who did not know a single thing about white crackers or Nascar racers. The audience for the movie, those who liked it anyway, also don't know anything about the people purported to be shown by the movie. City Jews know about as much about red state Americans as Democrats know about people serving in our military. That is ought. Zero. Zilch. They don't know any. So to them we are exotics.

I was so sure that the movie had been written by a Jew, that I looked up the movie on IMDB.
Will Farrell co wrote the movie with Adam Mckay. Adam McKay is an alias for one Aaron Zimmerman. Snap!


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