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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Here he is, Miss America!

Miss C watched an interview with John Edwards on the News Hour last night. Giggle, giggle, simper, coo. Mr Edwards gave the standard, groaningly awful, "If I am selected as Miss America, I will use my crown to help the poor and downtrodden of the world."

Edwards said,
"But what drives me every day is for those kind of chances to be there for everybody. I don't believe in the genetic lottery; I don't think it should be that your children's destiny is controlled by the family they're born into, or where they live, or the color of their skin. That's not America. That's not what America should be, at least."

He said he doesn't believe in the genetic lottery, yet he is clearly the benificiary of it, having been born with an IQ high enough to make it possible to pass the bar exam. Except that he shows little evidence of common sense.

On one hand he says it's not possible to overcome your disadvantages and pull yourself up from poverty by your bootstraps, and yet, according to him, he did exactly that. He came from nothing and now he is a multi-millionaire. How did he do it? If it was possible for him, why isn't it possible for others? Most people are dumber than bricks, that's why. We just have to accept that and work around it.


At 1:22 PM , Anonymous RaLph said...

Good post.

Bricks don't wear boots and if they did, someone else would have to pull on the brick's bootstraps to get any reaction or response from the brick or the boots and that would not last for very long.


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