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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Rage filled animal lovers

I was watching 49 up, last night, the Michael Apted documantary wherein he has followed some Brits from the age of 7, starting in 1964 and every 7 years thereafter. The subjects of the film are 49 now.

During the film they showed excerpts from the first film, when all the kids were 7. The group of kids were at the zoo looking at the polar bear exhibit. One of the cheekier kids picked up a rock and good naturedly chucked it at the polar bear. One of the other kids, face contorted in rage, ran over to scream at the rock thrower.

First of all, a small rock is unlikely to cause harm to a polar bear. Secondly the rock throwing child was merely following his biological destiny, that is to hunt animals. Thirdly, had either child fallen into the exhibit, he would not have lasted more than a few seconds. As Miss C is fond of saying, just cuz you're their buddy doesn't mean they won't kill you last. There are no "Human Rights" activists in the animal kingdom.


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