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Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Democrat Party is the party of interrogation and vengeance

Lunatic witch hunter Nancy Pelosi vows to get to the bottom of the recent oil spill in SF.
Aside from the insane rantings of environmentalists and their leftist cronies, the oil spill was not very important at all. It was a tiny oil spill.

The boat pilot accidently crashed into the Bay Bridge in a heavy fog. You'd think, from Pelosi's constant harping, that the acually pilot wanted to crash the container ship he was responsible for guiding into port. The poor guy has been fired. Sounds like someone has already taken the fall, accepted guilt, been blamed, what have you. It's his fault, OK. Nuff said, story's over.

The problem is that the Democrats are too involved in getting to the bottom of incidents that are been and gone and making the poor unfortunates involved, "pay."

The say they are against torture but what else is it but torture to be grilled by a fool woman like Pelosi, who knows absolutely nothing about the subject upon which she is interrogating people. She wants vengeance for a few dead birds, is all. She wants everybody punished for their supposed transgressions. She wants the ship's owners, the pilot, the crew to get it, she wants the Coast Guard to get theirs. She wants the clean-up crew to get theirs.

She will not stop until everyone has been made miserable.

The Democrats are always involved in some investigation or another. They can't stop. It's an addiction which them. They want to send hard working people to jail and get them fired over even unintended accidents. They are sick, sick, sick. Bush should arrest them all, a la Musharraf, and throw their criminal asses in jail. Then every day an interrogator should enter their cells and grill them for as long as they grilled Bush's nominies for political posts.


At 1:13 PM , Anonymous steve said...

ooooohhhh, I hate those meeces to pieces!

At 7:08 AM , Blogger ricpic said...

Yeah, but ya gotta admit she's pretty hot for a 70 year old.

I hate those meeces to pieces?
What the hay does that mean?


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