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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Obama says we live in 2 nations, the nation of the "haves" and the nation of the "have nots"

He wants to turn us into one nation. That means he's a Commie. There will never, ever be total equality in this world. The reason is, people want to be equal to the rich guy not the poor guy. Even in communist countries some people made out better than others and not just the party bosses.

If you were a good looking woman you could sell your body and use the money to buy more food or luxury items. An uglier woman couldn't do that as easily. That's not inequality, that's just life. During WWII many women chose to side with the Nazis in order to get better food than their fellow Dutch or French sisters were getting. That is a survival tactic. Miss C does not know what she would have done, she likes her tucker and the Nazis had kewl uniforms.

Often you here about the hard working poor. I agree that many poor people work hard, but most people willing to work hard are not poor. The rich, especially rich men, work extremely hard. Much harder and for longer hours than most people are willing to work, even to become rich.

There was an article in the paper a year or so ago, written by a leftist feminist wherein she bitched about the fact that men who ran large companies were bad fathers. Her premise was, they worked all the time and spent almost no time with their families. She was doing the usual job of a leftist in smearing the reputations of corporate types, but at the same time she was inadvertantly disproving a shibboleth the left has always believed in. That is, the rich do not work hard and are somehow made rich by the hard work of the poor.

The truth is, even when these guys have made their fortunes they continue to work all the time. They became rich because of their natures. The money was a by product of their dedication to work, or as some would put it, their workaholism.

Unions make it almost impossible for people to work longer hours and earn more money. The unions don't think anyone should work hard, or long. When companies and government institutions have to pay larger overtime pay, they often prevent their employees from working overtime.

However here in the Bay Area we are constantly being told of the "scandal" of police and firefighters who rake in excessive overtime pay. We have cops making $200,000 a year. Well if the unions hadn't raised the overtime pay to such a huge rate, maybe the cops would not be making so much money or working so much overtime. There is money to be made from hard work for long hours, period. Since we don't have enough cops to police our streets, those stories never get very far.

The French do everything the unions here demand, they hardly work at all. Still there are plenty of filthy rich French people living in family estates on one hand, and on the other, thousands of poor immigrants living in terrible conditions.

When Obama says he can turn us into one nation, he is either crazy or lying out his ass in order to get elected.


At 2:05 PM , Blogger gary said...

Let me point out a few facts:

If it were not for the labor movement in American history, you probably would be working for more hours--and at half your current pay.

The poor are getting poorer, the middle-class is barely holding its own, if not losing ground, and yet the rich are getting richer. If that's not redistribution of wealth, what is?

We had the highest tax rates on the rich in the 1950s, a period of unprecedented prosperity.

I will never understand poor conservatives.

At 10:07 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

I'll never understand conspiracy theorists!


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