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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Liberian immigrant children suffer racism and abuse at the hands of African-Americans

Just like the Cambodians and Vietnamese do here in San Francisco.

"The policy has reinforced the already discriminatory effects of the unabated harassment of Asian residents. For example, several months ago, a Cambodian family, the Nouns, was offered a unit in a project which had a history of violence against Asians. Only months before, the agency had moved out two Vietnamese families after their children had been beaten, spray painted, and called racial names. Mr. Noun visited the apartment and was told by a non-Asian neighbor that he should not move in because it would not be safe for him. Mr. Noun returned to his car and found the air had been let out of his tires. When he asked for an assignment in a safer place his family's application for housing was removed from the waiting list. The family had been waiting on the list for five years."


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