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Friday, February 15, 2008

interesting Wonkette post wherein every commenter goes on and on about gays and lisps and whatnot , I thought lefties are supposed to be liberal

Weird. I don't know one liberal that would talk like this in public. At school, kids are not even supposed to say, "That's so gay." Why do liberals thinks it's ok to say rude shit about gay men in posts? Wonkette's fans are clearly more Hitleresque than Marxist.

This ties into Mark Steyn's post,

"In the old days, you'd write a column and get three hostile letters in green ink on lined paper. Since the Internet came along, you write something about, oh, Iran's nuclear program and ten minutes later you're drowning in e-mails fixating in detail on one's bottom and the various objects, inanimate and otherwise, that might profitably be inserted therein."

These lefties sound pretty fratty to me.


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