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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Signs we saw on the way to see "The Bank Job"


At 12:58 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

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At 11:57 AM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

sure Barb, I'm falling for it!

At 5:28 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

She wrote that went to see "The Bank Job", and surely not "The Snow Job".
Get a life, ya' loser!

At 1:02 PM , Blogger Cooth said...

So did you go buy one????

At 7:00 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

"Good Question Cooth!!!"
Also good for a giggle...,

At 8:05 PM , Blogger Miss Carnivorous said...

No, I know all the good spots myself!

At 11:46 PM , Blogger Beelza-Bubba said...

Oooh, Great comeback!
Must..., think..., good thoughts...,

At 7:35 AM , Blogger Muhammad Hussain said...

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