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Monday, May 12, 2008

Transgender men prove that feminism is a load of shite and that Larry Summers was right

They had a 2 part program on NPR about 3 boys with gender identity disorder. All of them started want to wear dresses and play with Barbies and Polly Pocket dolls when they were 2 years old. They loved the color pink.

How is it that these boys don't say, "Gee, I really think I'm a girl, but I want a black bike and I want to wear pants and a t-shirt and I want to play with toy cars and try out for sports."

That never, ever happens. When "girls" are trapped in boys' bodies they seem to only be drawn towards expressions of "traditional" feminine identities.


At 5:20 PM , Anonymous Soumya Ranjan said...

South Asian feminist thinker and writer Sarojini Sahoo proves T is alien from LGB.
Sarojini Sahoo tells that gender is a social creation, not a natural function of sex. Sex is related to our biological sexual make up and uses certain biological markers whereas gender is a common social expectation which puts borderlines for each sex.LGB are related to SEXUAL ORIENTATION and T is related to GENDER IDENTITY.
Is transition required any way for the people who feel their soul remain in the wrong body?
A very interesting discourse in this rarely discussed gender topic.
You can access this from her blog SENSE & SENSUALITY at


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